Art In Games: DONTNOD’s Paul Chadeisson

I wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t heard of Adrift until half a second ago, or rather, the “work in progress” it’s become ever since DONTNOD appeared from out of nowhere, introduced the game at last year’s Gamescom event and swiftly went mum shortly after its work was done. But now that you are aware of it, there is the slight possibility that it’ll lodge itself into your subconscious, which would be a good thing because when industry media starts to rave about it — because you just know somebody will — at this year’s E3 event, as rumors would have it, you’ll go “man, I knew this” while doing your geekiest Horatio Caine impression.

Adrift (also known as “working title”) by French-based developer DONTNOD, is a third-person action adventure that takes place in a cyberpunk “Neo-Paris” of 2084. The game will rely on a combat-heavy single-player campaign only, the premise of which involves brain implants digitizing human memories for trading, selling and purchase — memories which up until this point, was the only thing that remained intimately personal to each one of us. By the sound of it, they don’t anymore. I’m a sucker for stories like these, and if you are too, then I’d recommend you follow this link.

And, based on these concepts by Parisian artist and former designer at Nadeo (think TrackMania) Paul Chadeisson, it looks about as damned good as it sounds.