Borderlands stuffs in six to ten more times the dialog

Borderlands wasn’t much of a talky kind of game so much as it was a texty one. Most missions were delivered without voice acting, leaving the story more than a little lacking.

But that won’t be the case with the sequel, Borderlands 2, developer Gearbox reckons. Speaking to GamesRadar, lead writer Anthony Burch revealed that the September-bound shooter will have as much as 10 times the dialog of the original game.

Burch reasoned that, for story, there is a “huge, huge, huge focus. I haven’t even done the math from how much more dialog there is from the first game to the second, but there’s at least, what, six times more? Ten times more?

“There were characters, and there were cool moments, but it wasn’t quite conveyed through dialog or the world itself. A lot of it was coming from the text you read before and after missions,” he said. “So we’ve done a whole lot of work to integrate what you’re doing with the missions into the story, and to have a lot of new characters talk to you, and to have a lot of new characters return.”