Crytek talk up Homefront 2

With Crytek UK currently working on shooter sequel Homefront 2, the developer has explained what makes the franchise – and hopefully the upcoming sequel – so successful.

“It has a huge mind share, everybody knows the IP,” dev founder Avni Yerli told GamesIndustry. “The first game has indeed a low Metacritic, but due to really great positioning and great marketing it has reached a good mind share.”

Yerli predicts that combining that success with the Crytek star appeal should give the sequel a fighting chance. “I think with Crytek quality attached to it and similar marketing attached to it, it can make a big splash at the time it comes out.”

GM of games, Nick Button-Brown, also instilled confidence in the game’s on-going development.

“When you look at the world they created in the first game and the world that they were talking about for the second game, the setting they were talking about… obviously we can’t talk about it yet, but it’s really cool,” he said.

Homefront 2 is set to launch between April 2013 and March 2014 (THQ’s 2014 financial year).