Ratchet HD is official

Ratchet & Clank are officially the next duo up for the HD treatment.

Insomniac’s Ted Price has taken to the PlayStation Blog to confirm the upcoming title which launches this May. That’s May 16 for the EU, but, interestingly enough, it won’t be released in the US until fall. Price did however state that there was a “very special” reason for this which they would detail soon. A new Ratchet game announced soon, then?

The original three games will be included on the disc of the HD Collection, which consist of Ratchet & Clank, Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal. Surprisingly, the multiplayer component of the third game remains intact. The standard HD visuals, trophies and 3D support will all be on board.

Sony is almost out of games to update, it would seem. I’m still hanging on for a Yakuza HD collection though, Sega.