Amalur MMO “supposed to come out later in the year” — McFarlane

We’ve known for a good while now that 38 Studios’ Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was just a taste of the enormous Amalur universe, with an upcoming MMO, currently going by the codename Project Copernicus, to flesh out the setting on a much grander scale at a later date. What we haven’t known, however, is when exactly the game is expected to drop its massiveness onto the gaming public. That is, until now.

In an interview with START, prolific comic book auteur and 38 Studios Art Director Todd McFarlane stated that the hotly-anticipated MMO is “supposed to come out later this year.”

Other details are scarce, as the comment was made rather innocuously, but McFarlane does go on to say that the MMO is “ginormous” compared to Reckoning, and that “there’s stuff in it that’ll blow your mind.”

“If people liked Reckoning, and they’re MMO players…the MMO game is just fantastic,” McFarlane said. Let’s hope so.

You can check out the full interview for yourself down below. For fans of McFarlane, and for those who would like to get a little more insight into the story behind the Amalur world, this one is certainly a must watch.