“Delicate issues” confronted in Kojima’s latest

During a Q&A to mark the inclusion — unsurprisingly so — of the Metal Gear Solid franchise in the Smithsonian’s “Art of Video Games” exhibit, Hideo Kojima revealed a few facts about the project he’s currently working on, or Project Ogre as we’ve come to know it.

“The game I’m working on right now is dealing with quite a few issues that are pretty delicate and taboo,” said Kojima with the help of a translator. “I’m not sure if they’ll end up being in the final product or not, but that’s something that I want to continue to strive for.”

He added that he wants to “bring those real-life issues to the forefront,” all the while balancing it with a game that should ultimately be fun to play.

Kojima also explained that, as a developer who always finds his own games to be flawed, he feels that “what I’m making right now, in my mind, is the best, though I can’t really talk about that right now.” In addition, Kojima mentioned testing a shooting simulator while in a San Diego military base, which is interesting but unfortunately not something he could go into detail right now.

Perhaps an open-world, military shooter dealing with real-world issues? Maybe he has found a way for Japan to compete with the shooter-focused market.