Developers speak on next-gen hopes

With the introduction of both the Wii and Wii U it’s become clear that next generation systems from both Sony and Microsoft shouldn’t just up the power of the tech.

But what do developers want to see?  That’s a question that GameInformer recently put to a range of game makers (via CVG).

For Rod Fergusson of Epic Games, it’s all about constant connectivity and “the ability to play anywhere and anytime”.

“Find some way to bring that all together [so] that I can play what I want to wherever is am,” he stressed.

“I would love a clear way that digital games could be a big part of this always-connected console that you could very easily access content from big, triple-A studios to small independent ones,” Amir Rao of Supergiant Games revealed.

Meanwhile, Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe said: “I’d like it to always be on like my PSP or DS. A barrier for entry for me as I get older is … going through all the logos and loading bullshit.”

And Insomniac boss Ted Price agreed, asking for “instant load times” to become the norm.

What we really want out of next-gen? We’ll, at this point, just to see it would be nice.