DUST 514 public unveil this week

CCP will be holding an unveil for its free-to-play DUST 514 during its Eve Fanfare event this Thursday, promising to offer up the first public presentation of the sci-fi shooter. Should you frequent PlayStation Home, you may want to check out Sony’s live-stream of the event and be among the first to see the game in action.

US Home users can watch the unveil via the Backstage Pass event space at 9:00am PT (12:00pm ET).

Afterwards, there will be a Q&A as well; “Following the keynote, there will be a Live Q&A session with PlayStation Home users, fielding questions via Twitter using the hashtag #DUST514,” Sony says.

There’s loot to be had, too: “All users who enter the Backstage Pass event space will be rewarded an exclusive DUST 514 t-shirt for their avatars.”

DUST 514 is currently a PS3 exclusive, though there have been hints that PC gamers will get it at some point as well.