UE3 the go-to engine for next-gen projects — Epic

Anvil, CryEngine, Fox, Frostbite, id Tech and R.A.G.E. are just a few of the engines powering the games we play today. But, according to Epic Games VP Mark Rein, you need only look for one in particular by the time the next generation of games hits. Unreal Engine 3.

“Samaritan is something you can do right now,” said Rein, referring to the demo the studio showcased during last year’s Game Developer Conference. “In fact, Unreal Development Kit has all the features that powered Samaritan – every single graphics feature you can do.”

Added Rein, “I think if you were going to do a launch title for a future console, UE3 would probably be the way to go. And likewise if you were going to do something cross-generational, like Mortal Kombat on PS Vita, Xbox, PS3 and potentially it could be on iPad… that’s Unreal. Unreal spans the gamut, it goes from the smallest smartphone platforms up to the highest spec PC you can build and beyond.”

In spite of this, Epic did show the next iteration of the Unreal Engine (that’d be the 4th) during this year’s GDC, but behind closed doors. We’ll have to wait for its public unveiling before we can judge for ourselves, but if the power of UE3 is something that’s available now, UE4 better be something spectacular.