Capcom hoping for huge Dragon’s Dogma sales

Capcom is feeling optimistic about Dragon’s Dogma. Very optimistic.

Upon the action-RPG’s release in Japan, the publisher is confident that it’s capable of reaching platinum status.

“In Japan, we can absolutely sell a million units,” producer Hideaki Itsuno has told VideoGamer. “We know that’s attainable, it’s absolutely do-able. We have a kind of assurance that that will happen.”

Looking at potential worldwide sales, Itsuno is reaching for the stars; “We really want this game to sell 10 million units worldwide,” he says. “We want to sell a lot, and that’s just something that we think we can do. We’re not positive [it will be a success]. Of course it’s a risk, but that’s what we want – a challenge.”

Capcom has called Dragon’s Dogma their largest ever undertaking. Before Resident Evil 6 was announced, anyway.

It’ll launch in May.