GAME “will be a phoenix rising from the flames” — EA

GAME may be in administration now, but with chatter of a new company being announced as soon as next week, publishing giant EA hopes and believes that there will be “a phoenix rising from the flames,” MCV reports.

“GAME is full of good people, it’s a good store. I just think they need a different approach and I’ll think they have one,” EA UK boss man Keith Ramsdale told an audience at a Westminster Forum event today.

Should his hopes not materialize though, the show will go on without GAME.

“GAME is one retailer out of many, albeit historically a very good retailer,” he added, saying he’s happy with how Mass Effect 3 and FIFA Street — two titles GAME didn’t offer — did with Amazon and HMV.

“If you look at the current retail base, HMV seem to be stepping up and seem to be more solid. Amazon has done a good job of picking up content so there’s more than just GAME. The opportunity for video game retailers is think broader than just the shiny discs.

Still; “But would I rather there is a GAME? Absolutely. I believe that a specialist retailer does a lot for this industry.”