The Secret World giving first public hands-on at PAX

Funcom will be making its Secret World MMO available for public consumption at PAX next month, the first time it’s let anyone but the press and participants of the closed beta get their hands on it, they say.

With the open beta looming, the circle will widen soon enough, but for now it’s PAX or nothing.

Senior producer and creative director Ragnar Tørnquist expects the show to be “very valuable” for the developer as they witness players’ reactions to the game. “We are having a ton of fun playing the game these days, and we look forward to sharing that experience with gamers at PAX!” he exclaims.

If you’re going, look for Booth 260. There’ll be over 25 stations waiting.

Since it’s PAX, expect swag too, including 10,000 Illuminati, Templar and Dragon dog tags, as well as keys to the open beta.

PAX runs from April 6-8.