Art In Games: Dead Space’s Jens Holdener

Dead Space. It’s been five years since I first started my journey through wicked space as engineer Isaac Clarke, and if you’re a fan of third-person survival horror games, I’m quite sure you did too. Of course, we became more than just an engineer by the time we finished the sequel last year, didn’t we? Not to mention we got to hone our alien butt-kicking skills with lots of side-projects in-between, right? Yeah, we did.

San Francisco-based Jens Holdener is another fan of Dead Space. At least, I assume he is, being a concept artists at Visceral Games and all. Holdener worked on both Dead Space and Dead Space 2 among other games, such as Tomb Raider Underworld (while at Crystal Dynamics) and Star Trek Online (while at Cryptic Studios). His art is easy to appreciate.

Now that we’ve raised awareness of the franchise¬†again, where’s Dead Space 3?