Mass Effect 3 multiplayer gets bonus XP this weekend

The bad news: the Mass Effect 3 news still isn’t going away anytime soon. The good news: today’s edition of “The ME3 Report” isn’t about angry fans, petitions, day one DLC or naked turians (thanks for that, Game Informer).

Instead, BioWare has announced that this weekend will be another “N7 Bounty Weekend,” titled “Operation Fortress,” where players will get a 25% bonus to all experience gained. The bonus applies until 8 AM EST Monday, March 26. All you have to do is play, so if you need help getting that Krogan warrior of yours up to level 20, now’s your chance to do so.

BioWare ran a similar bonus XP period with “Operation Goliath” last weekend, and have announced that over 3 million Brutes were killed during that Bounty Weekend’s period. Good job, you murderous bastards.