Assassin’s Creed III struts its special editions

What? You didn’t think Assassin’s Creed III was going to release with just one measly standard edition, did you?

Come off of it; Ubisoft has announced three special editions for the game to go along with its October release. First up is the Freedom Edition, which packs *takes deep breath* the game, a figurine of new hero Connor, a steelbook case with art from comic legend Alex Ross (!), George Washington’s notebook (or rather, a replica of), a Lithograph, two single player missions and a bunch of multiplayer bonuses. The single player missions are titled Lost Mayan Ruins and Ghost of War respectively. Both come complete with new weapons.

Then there’s the rather less cheery Join or Die Edition. That has a replica of the assassin’s medallion, that same notebook, the Ghost of War mission and the multiplayer package.

Oh and then there’s the humble special edition with exclusive packaging and a new single player mission titled A Dangerous Secret.

Phew, well you can’t say you’re not spoiled for choice. ACIII launches on PS3, 360 and PC at the end of October with a Wii U version to follow. Snaps of the two main editions are below.