EVE Online lets UK players pay in pounds, lowers sub price

For all you EVE Online players in the UK, here’s some grand news. Developer CCP has announced that UK subscribers of the popular space-based MMO will be able to pay in pounds sterling, beginning May 1. Previously, UK members could only pay in Euros. As a result of the change in payment options, subscription rates for the title have dropped 20 percent. Now, instead of paying €14.95 for a month of EVE, UK players will only have to pay £9.99.

“UK players have been an important part of the EVE community from the very beginning, organizing some of the very first player meets, being at the forefront of EVE’s PvP alliances and expanding the EVE experience with such creations as the epic “Clear Skies” movies,” said EVE’s senior producer Jon Lander.  “The enthusiasm and creativity of these players has only underlined the importance of the UK market as we enter a very exciting time for the EVE Universe.”

No word was given about any potential price drops for other markets.