Starbreeze’s next is F2P, named Cold Mercury

Until the announcement of Syndicate, developer Starbreeze had been silent for a long time. But with its EA-published shooter now out, the company has wasted no time in revealing its next project, Cold Mercury.

Not much is known about the game right now other than one intriguing aspect; it will be free-to-play. The studio downsized after releasing Syndicate, perhaps this new direction is a result of that.

Another project from the developer, titled P13, is currently looking for a distributor. The game is in development with the assistance of Swedish movie director Josef Fares.

“Starbreeze will not leave the AAA segment,” assured Mikael Nermark, CEO of Starbreeze.

“We are discussing with several leading game publisher on publisher financed games, but we will broaden our product portfolio of games in the new business models and segments that have arisen in the games industry. I am convinced that Starbreeze will be successful with the new games,” he added.