Former Fable dev unveils iOS project

No, no, we don’t mean Peter Molyneux. Sadly we still don’t know what he’s working on.

But we do know what James Duncan, formerly of Lionhead Studios, is doing. Namely, an iOS title named Rogue Star from his new studio, RedBreast.

Rogue Star is a new entry into the space trading genre, allowing players to pilot spaceships, wage inter-galactic dog fights and trade resources. It’s Duncan’s hope that the game will re-ignite interest in the genre, who hasn’t been quiet in recent years, bar a few minor additions.

“For whatever reason this genre got left behind,” he told Eurogamer last year. “These genres fell away because more money got pumped into games and with more money people don’t want to take chances. Big companies just want to go where the money is. They just want to do FPS and third-person games.”

No release date has been attached to the project.