Another Mass Effect 3 bounty weekend announced

BioWare and EA are prepping for yet another N7 bounty weekend for Mass Effect 3.

From 5pm Pacific tomorrow to 5am Pacific on Monday morning, Operation Raptor will be in effect, offering players experience bonuses.

Next to giving everyone who plays a 10% experience boost, there’ll be Allied and Individual Goals which dish out Victory and Commendation Packs.

First off, if you’re among the 150,000 worldwide players who promote their character to the single-player game, the Victory Pack loot shall be yours.

Promote two and you’ll receive the Commendation Pack. Just make sure you have “Upload Gameplay Feedback” enabled.

The weekend will happen for PC and Xbox 360 players only though. BioWare says it’s “continuing to work with Sony to enable these types of Operations on the PlayStation 3 platform.”