Next-gen LucasArts FPS in the works — rumor

Remember that unknown FPS for which LucasArts was apparently hiring a few months back? Well, it would appear that project is still on, and it could be coming to next-generation consoles.

The evidence comes from a job listing published a few days ago on Gamasutra, which states that LucasArts is looking for a Senior Core Engineer to work on an “FPS Title.” The ad states that this engineer will be “responsible for implementing cutting edge features and optimizations on current and Future Generation console and PC hardware,” which hints that the upcoming FPS has a chance to come to next-generation systems, if and when it does come out.

Details about the actual game itself are still zilch, but the prospect of a next-gen Star Wars FPS is sure to make a fanboy mouth or two water a bit, don’t you think? Star Wars: Republic Commando 2, maybe? For now, though, we’ll send this one to the rumor mill until more concrete details are given.