Total War could make console debut next gen

The RTS genre has never had an easy time on consoles thanks to the user interface, though some games have managed to crack the formula.

But one of the bigger names in the genre, the Total War series, has thus far avoided potentially clumsy console ports. That could change come the next generation of hardware though, developer Creative Assembly reckons.

Studio director Mike Simpson recently told Eurogamer: “The current generation of consoles just can’t cope – they don’t have enough memory, by a large factor. Those technical reasons are probably the only reasons. A lot of people think that UI’s a problem, because no one’s really done it well before. I don’t think that’s a fundamental thing – I just think it’s simply that no one’s really done it very well before. A lot of the games have been ports of PC games without too much thought having gone into it.”

We’d love to see the series head over to consoles. Seeing the recent Shogun games play out their massive battles on our TVs? We’re up for that. Which other series should see ports as we close the gap between systems and PCs?