Obsidian could co-develop Wasteland 2…with your help

By now, we all know that inXile is set to develop Wasteland 2, the sequel to their 1988 post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland, thanks to some hefty Kickstarter fundraising.  After reaching their goal of $900,000 to develop the game in just two days, inXile has now reached over $1.8 million in total donations. We also know that, thanks to your generosity, the title is currently on track for an October 2013 release date. You folks must be pretty excited.

Now, though, inXile head Brian Fargo upped the stakes even more. In an update on their Kickstarter page, Fargo said that if Wasteland 2‘s campaign can reach $2.1 million (that’s $300,000 more for you anti-math people) in the 16 remaining days left on its funding schedule, his studio will be bringing in Obsidian to co-develop the game. Yep, that Obsidian, which includes many of the guys behind the original Fallout titles, Planescape: Torment, and many other high-profile releases.

In Fargo’s words to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, “I have a history with the guys at Obsidian that dates back to the days of Interplay’s Black Isle studios. Together we created some of the greatest RPG’s of all time, from Fallout 1 & 2 to titles like Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment. It is great that we now have a chance to reunite on a project like Wasteland 2.”

So there you have it. The power is now in your hands. If this partnership does go down, though, it will be quite the supergroup of RPG masterminds being put together. With just over two weeks to go in the funding schedule, we’ll soon know if this potentially historic pairing happens or not.