F.E.A.R. developer to make Hobbit tie-ins?

Monolith Productions has built its name on gory experiences this generation, the F.E.A.R. and Condemned franchises not least among them. But this year saw the studio take an odd turn with the Batman-fueled Gotham City Imposters. That tie-in trend now looks to continue with the upcoming Hobbit films.

Twitter detective superannuation recently posted on his profile: “As to what Monolith/WB Games Seattle is up to now—pretty sure it is a little fantasy action RPG-lite called The Hobbit: Part One.”

The poster has a reputation for on the mark rumors and fact-finding so it’s worth paying attention to when he writes something like this.

The Warner Brothers-owned studio suffered a round of layoffs last November as did a number of other Seattle-based studios under the WB ban.

“Snowblind basically no longer exists,” superannuation added, “so WB Games Seattle is more or less Monolith and some other dev support/publishing staff and whatnot.

“It also sounds like WB Seattle will be handling the tie-in for the second Hobbit film.”

Continuing along that note, superannuation suggested that a much-rumored The Dark Knight Rises video game isn’t happening, but if it had it would have been developed by the studio. “However, that Monolith Batman game discussed the other day was intended to serve as a tie-in for a third Batman film.”

Interesting times for a developer we’ve come to associate with horror franchises.