Left 4 Dead creator’s THQ game still chugging along

Whatever sacrifices struggling publisher THQ has had to make, Turtle Rock Studios’ in-development FPS isn’t one of them.

In a tweet (via), THQ’s Jeremy Greiner said he’s “starting work on the campaign for my next FPS, which is being made by the creators of Left 4 Dead.” That would be Turtle Rock.

“This one is gonna be amazing.”

THQ has previously praised the project highly, saying it’ll include an “original, groundbreaking multiplayer experience,” though it’s been many months since we’ve heard anything about how it’s coming along. That comment originates from May of last year, and the silence looks to continue; “Nothing coming for a while,” Greiner responded when quizzed if an announcement would be forthcoming soon.

“Rest assured, when we start talking about it, you’ll know.”

Not even the name of the title is known, though there’s been some speculation about that.