The Last Story seeing limited print run in US

So The Last Story is bringing its Wii RPG action over to the US, which is great news. Fans will however want to snap it up fast; publisher XSeed has suggested that only a limited printing run will be produced for the game, effectively making it a rarity.

Director of publishing Ken Berry explained as much to IGN (via), saying: “We do anticipate a limited run for the game as we already have a number in mind of how many units we can expect to sell of this title, and all our pre-production efforts will be geared towards being able to manufacture a final number somewhat close to our initial estimated number.”

“It’s too early to start thinking of doing additional runs, but as a general policy we haven’t been very active on doing reprints of our other titles so far.”

If demand exceeds supply then another run could happen, but it’s best to be safe; might want to pre-order it right now.

The game’s expected in the US in June.