Aion Euro F2P move attracts 750,000

Aion‘s European free-to-play conversion is a success. A month after the move, the game has seen over 750,000 new accounts, with around 20,000 added daily.

Furthermore, the number of daily active users has increased fivefold.

“With only four weeks of running time, AION has seamlessly added itself to the Gameforge portfolio, alongside other internationally successful titles such as Metin 2 and Ikariam.

“With the successful launch of the AAA title AION, Gameforge has heralded the start of a new era for its free-to-play sector”, Gameforge CEO Alexander Rösner says of the accomplishment, promising further triple-A additions in the coming months.

But back to Aion; players now have the 3.0 update to look forward to, which, next to other goods, will offer an increased level cap, new mounts, and new regions and instances.