Head to PAX, get your face in BioShock Infinite

Irrational Games is planning to have a pretty huge presence with BioShock Infinite at PAX East this year, offering a one of a kind competition for all attendees.

Upon entering the Boston Convention Center this weekend gamers will be given paper top hats to wear. Simply keep it on as you go about your game-playing and nerd-gasming and one of Irrational’s staff may well approach you with the opportunity to actually appear in the game itself. So that’s a chance to be in one of 2012’s biggest games then; not too shabby.

Of course, it’s as good a marketing tool as it is competition; a hall of gamers walking round with BioShock advertising on their heads? They must look like walking dollar signs to Ken Levine and co.

Fans dressed up in BioShock costumes will also be given the chance to attend the Irrational Games Fan Party. We can imagine that being an odd sort of gathering underwater with crazy butlers and dead animals hanging around.