Killer is Dead coming from Suda, Lollipop Chainsaw dev

Grasshopper Manufacture Goichi Suda’s next is Killer is Dead, Famitsu has revealed, but while the name may suggest it, it is not a Killer 7 sequel.

It could be the next best thing though, as it’s said to mix its gameplay with that of No More Heroes.

Kadokawa Games, the studio behind Lollipop Chainsaw, is developing in conjuction with Grasshopper.

The game turns the player into a condemned man after an assassin. Some early leaks, as reported by Siliconera, say it’ll have a ‘dark side of James Bond’ kind of a vibe with “Bond Girls” present as well.

Killer is Dead is targeting 2013. It’ll ship for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.