Thatgamecompany reveals Journey’s MMO origins

Critically acclaimed and now PSN’s fastest-selling title; thatgamecompany’s Journey is a real success story.

But, as fans are aware, it took a fair bit of time to get the game out after the release of Flower and, as you also may have guessed, Journey has seen some huge changes during the course of development. Company boss Jenova Chen recently explained some of those changes and difficulties to VG247, revealing some intriguing information about where the game was coming from.

Example: Journey was originally envisioned as an MMO. “It was probably in 2006, when I was graduating from grad school,” Chen told the site.

“I had this class where they taught us about the Hero’s Journey, which is Joseph Campbell’s concept. At that time, we were actually thinking about making Journey an MMO game, with hundreds and thousands of players online, they’re all someone lost in this mountain trying to get to the top.”

Apparently the idea was ditched fairly quickly, but you can of course see traces of this idea in the game’s seamless online system that introduces you to other players along the way. Chen went on to reveal a whole other load of lost features, like in-game chat and certain gameplay mechanics.

With work on Journey completed the studio is moving onto new projects and saying goodbye to old friends.