What are Halo Infinity and Spartan Ops?

Two Halo-related domain names have been bought up this week; MarkMonitor has purchased “HaloInfinity.co.uk”, “HaloInfinityMultiplayer.co.uk” and “SpartanOps.org”.

As OXM reports, Microsoft has used MarkMonitor to buy domain names before.  So what leaves the ‘what?’ question, then. Surely it’s all related to the upcoming Halo 4.

Well, Infinity was the name of a human starship in Halo: Grasslands, a novel that takes place after the events of Halo 3. Perhaps that has something to do with it, or perhaps this is an evolution of the Halo Waypoint service. Spartan Ops? Well, Rain’s guess: “My money’s on Spartan Ops being COD’s Spec Ops rip off.”

We wouldn’t say no to that.