Just Cause dev speaks out on next-gen

Want more theories and philosophies about the next-generation of video game consoles? Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios has them right here.

The team’s Christofer Sundberg has said to Eurogamer that it will take more than graphical prowess to bring about a twist in the industry’s fortunes. He reasoned that “better looking games won’t save the games industry – I can say that much.”

That said, Sundberg doesn’t necessarily think that a prophesied switch to freemium models is the way to go.

“What companies such as Ngmoco have been talking about very actively in the press is partly true. Traditional business models are dead and if you want to survive as an independent studio you have to think outside the box.

“I don’t believe in the F2P model either and consoles are far from dead,” he said. “How we combine the traditional consoles with new business models will be absolute key to success – not one way or the other.

“Since the recession of 2008/09 everybody has been looking for that Silver-bullet to save the games industry and jumps on every opportunity there is – developing a quirky PSN/XBLA game or building your own F2P game. That is suicide.”

Some pretty interesting views there from a studio that is said to be working on next-gen consoles already.