Takedown dev on publisher’s reluctance to fund hardcore shooter

With a successful Kickstater project now behind him, Christian Allen is ready to proceed with pitching his hardcore tactical shooter, codeamed Takedown, to publishers.

But it won’t be the first time the dev has taken his labor of love to publishers. He revealed to Eurogamer that he had approached many companies with the game, but always turned away. Why? Because the market can’t compete with the Call of Duty/Battlefield types.

“The big publishers view real tac shooters as too niche,” Allen said. “Hell, even some of the critiques of this project were saying that we were going too niche to get support,” he said.

“I did get responses that some might be interested if we went with a freemium model, much like AOE and MS Flight Sim have recently done, but I was really hesitant to do that because of the effect on gameplay those systems have.

“The key is that they want to ‘broaden’ their audience, and going more of an old school route is seen as limiting the potential audience to a small niche of very vocal fans.”

Allen hopes that Takedown will be the game to prove otherwise.

“I don’t doubt that they are working with a correct assumption, but the key is the numbers we are talking about, the scale of that audience. We are not looking to sell five million-plus in order to be profitable, we are talking about a smaller scale. And I do think that is a viable market,” Allen said.

“Will it sell 27 million units and rush to the top of the charts? No I don’t think it will. But based on the response we have gotten, I do think this is a viable market for a game with a proper budget and scope.”

Takedown is now to be pitched to several publishers again, with the hope that the Kickstarter project proves that there is an audience for the title.

“The good news is that the exposure for the project has actually opened upĀ more options than we had in the beginning, so it is less about ‘if’ we will sign additional investors, but who who we will be working with that understands the goals of the project and the need to deliver a true experience to the fans that supported this games.

“Every project has risks, but you work to mitigate those risks to deliver the best possible experience to the player, and we are very focused on the scope and goals of the game. We aren’t trying to shoot the moon here, but to make a solid, fun, tactical title.”

Just what shape Takedown will take is unknown. Hopefully news of its funding will follow soon.