Art In Games: Alessandro Taini

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West encompassed a lot of what I like in a game; a captivating storyline, class-A voice work and motion capture (in this case by Andy “Monkey” Serkis and Lindsey “Trip” Shaw), an interesting and believable chemistry between characters (again, Monkey and Trip), top-notch screenwriting and a breathtaking art direction.  But somewhat crippled gameplay mechanics and slow sales failed to give the game the recognition it needed and, eventually, the sequel it deserved.

Tonight, we time-travel and take a look at some of the concepts that eventually became the beautiful, colorful, vibrant post-apocalyptic New York almost half a million people went through two years ago, which, as you will see, only goes to show that not every apocalypse needs to be a dark, dusty, beige-colored wasteland. Behold the concepts of Ninja Theory illustrator and concept artist Alessandro Taini.