New Halo 4 details escape

The latest issue of GameInformer has started arriving at subscribers’ doorsteps, meaning forums are flowing with new details regarding the issue’s cover, Halo 4.

The recently spotted Infinity and Spartan Ops trademarks are explained; they’re the game’s new multiplayer mode and four-player co-op campaign, respectively.

Infinity is said to offer direct and indirect connections to Halo 4‘s campaign, somehow; no further details are offered.

As for Spartan Ops, it’ll be a story-centric campaign designed for four players. Expect objective-based missions, cinematics, and the content to flow for months following the game’s release, as weekly updates are promised.

Spartan Ops is bad news for those who loved the wave-based action of Firefight, however, as the mode has been scrapped for Halo 4.

Details on why Master Chief has awoken are offered up, too. Apparently, Covenant forces have boarded the vessel the Chief was on at the end of Halo 3. Why are they there remains unknown.

Halo 4 will be out later this year. We fully expect a proper gameplay blowout to happen at E3 in June.