A new Joe Danger heading to iOS

Joe Danger, the popular stunt series from good folks at Hello Games, is heading to iOS, but not as you’ve seen it before.

As dev co-founder Sean Murray explained to Gamasutra, the iOS version will be a new game, being “written from the ground up for iPhone.”

Controls will be what sets this version apart from the others. With no buttons to speak of on an iPhone, Murray explains that it will handle very differently.

Joe Danger is a game with a lot of depth to the controls. We want to make very much an arcade game on your mobile. You swipe the screen to make Joe wheelie, you nudge him in the air to affect his gravity, you can flick a barrier out of the way, or wrestle with the shark in the shark tank. You have such control that levels that would be impossible on console are much easier on the touchscreen.”

Plans to release the upcoming Joe Danger: The Movie on the platform aren’t existent just yet. It’s good to see the little guy getting around, though.