BioWare hints at Dragon Age’s future

While all eyes were undoubtedly on BioWare’s space epic for PAX East this year, there was room for the developer to talk about Dragon Age too.

As Kotaku reports, a panel held for the team’s other RPG at the expo this weekend past dropped hints about where Dragon Age III/whatever’s next in store might go. Creative Director Mike Laidlaw led a panel that talked about fan feedback shaping the franchise’s future, with three points being highlighted.

The first was to stop reusing levels, with the team admitting that gamers were growing tired of copy and paste dungeons and “cheese wheels in caves”. It was suggested that the franchise might need a more urban environment to support it over DA2‘s Kirkwall.

Up next was the importance of player choice, much like in Mass Effect. It was promised that future games would import DA1 and 2 save files, though the nature of game design limits just how much choice can affect the player’s gameplay experience.

Character and party customization was also brought into question, with BioWare hoping to balance controlling a character’s look while maintaining a signature feel to them. This part was complete with concept art of characters.

Seeing BioWare recognize these points is definitely encouraging for future Dragon Age games.