Lost Planet 3 is the game the original never was – Capcom

The Lost Planet franchise will have been around for seven years come Lost Planet 3‘s release next year. But, despite the two other games, this entry will be the first to actually capture boss Kenji Oguro’s vision of the franchise. That’s what he’s said to CVG, anyways.

Speaking at this week’s Captivate event, Oguro said: “I had a vision for Lost Planet that I wasn’t able to realise for a variety of reasons. One of them was of course technological – we were aiming to launch a game very near the launch of Xbox 360, so that was a challenge in itself.

“The other was that I had an idea, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to turn it into a game. I wanted to do a much broader experience. I wanted the world to be much more vast and I wanted to give the player the ability to explore it. I couldn’t figure it out so Lost Planet became more like an arcade experience.

“Now I have additional knowledge as a director, and we have additional technological skill at this stage in the console cycle, so for Lost Planet 3 we’ve been able to create a bigger world and match my original vision. This is what Lost Planet was meant to be, and I hope you’ll be happy to play it next year.”

As we reported yesterday, Lost Planet 3 stars newbie Jim who seems to be the unlucky Nathan Drake type. We’re excited to see what Lost Planet should have been when it releases next year.