Bethesda clears some inventory by re-releasing Quake 4 on Xbox 360

Here’s one out of left field: Bethesda is putting Quake 4, that id / Raven Software-developed sequel to the seminal series, back on store shelves for the Xbox 360. Why? Let the Bethesda blog post tell all:

“If you didn’t pick up an Xbox 360 at launch, it’s possible you might have missed out on one of the system’s best launch titles, QUAKE 4. With it becoming harder and harder to find a new copy of the game, we’re happy to announce we’re re-releasing it at a low price of $19.99.”

Ok so now the question is did enough people really miss not playing this game? Make no mistake, the game wasn’t bad at all, it just wasn’t great. It’s a solid old-school shooter that makes you run back and forth through huge labyrinthine maps while blowing away lots of dudes and throws in classic style deathmatch. It just wasn’t great, and certainly not as desired as that other shooter the system launched with: Call of Duty 2.

Well… whatever, the option to get it new again is nice. It’s been given a release date of June 19th in North America and nothing set for Europe just yet. Or, if you’re really antsy to play this game, it looks like a used copy will run you about $9 on Amazon.