Darksiders II might see delay

THQ has suggested that the upcoming Darksiders II might miss its original June release date.

Originally penned in to launch on June 29, the company told Ripten (via) that the game wouldn’t launch if it wasn’t finished in time.

“We haven’t announced anything,” game boss Danny Bilson stated, “but the team is working really, really hard. We’re not going to ship it before it’s done.

“Darksiders II is looking really, really good. It’s a huge game. It looks like… I don’t want to give the exact amount of hours of gameplay… but it’s a very, very lengthy and involved campaign. We’re going to give that team everything they need to make it as good as it can be.”

Developer Vigil had requested more time on the project, a source told Eurogamer. If that really is the case we’ll find out soon.