Skyrim DLC announcement “soon,” Bethesda hopeful

Getting patches, new kill cams and voice commands is great and all, but what we’re really after is actual new content for Skyrim. Am I right?

Details on that are pretty much non-existent though, with Bethesda only saying that these DLCs will be more like expansions. Which is good, of course. But that also means months of waiting. It’s already been five since the game released.

Good news though.

At the bottom of the presser that announced Kinect functionality was hope that we won’t have to wait for the details for much longer; “Stay tuned, we hope to officially announce what [the DLC] is soon,” it reads.

It’s further noted that the content would add new quests, locations, features, “and much more” to the game, but that was a given, given the ‘expansion’ comments, yeah?

Either way, as someone who’s been looking for a reason to return to Skyrim and add to my 100+ hours of game time, this makes me happy.