Updated: Wii U Mario announcement at E3 — rumor

Update: And it’s happening. Nintendo has confirmed that the report was accurate. The reveal of a new Super Mario Bros. game will happen at E3.

Original story: Nintendo man Shigeru Miyamoto will be heading to E3 this summer with a new Mario game for the Wii U in tow, it would seem. In an interview over at Spanish website El Mundo (since pulled, via) is where the designer spilled the beans.

That Super Mario 4 rumor could well pan out then.

In the same interview, Miyamoto also touched upon Wii Music. While finding the first game’s sales disappointing, he apparently still has an itch to scratch: “It is always sad that something is not sold as well as expected.

“I think these negative experiences on a project is a thorn that is stuck, so we usually try to work the best idea or at least take it up and concretize it from an angle different for use in another title.

“[But] yes, I want to do more with that idea.”

Fingers crossed for another disastrously hysterical E3 reveal?