And the next James Bond game is…

Activision has announced a brand new James Bond game for PS3 and 360, 007 Legends, celebrating 50 years of Bond films.

It’s neither a third GoldenEye remake nor a new 007 story, rather a sort of ‘best of’ that ties together the plots of six of the historic franchises’ greatest films and allows us to play key scenes in each. One such plot will be the upcoming Skyfall, the 23rd film in the franchise due out later this year.

The rest haven’t been announced, and we don’t know if this means that Daniel Craig will assume the role of James Bond across all of these stories like he did in GoldenEye. All we know is that if you take out Lazenby, there’ll be hell to pay.

The Mi6 Ops introduced in last year’s GoldenEye: Reloaded will return too, as does developer Eurocom. Multiplayer is also in, with four-player split-screen and online modes taking content from the series’ deep catalog. Let’s hope for maps in Blofeld’s hollow-volcano and the chance to control giant space laser beams, then.

No date beyond “fall” yet but look for one at E3, perhaps.