Mass Effect 3 themed Kinect sensors exist and can be won

If you’ve grown weary of looking at that jankety, old, single-toned Kinect sensor, your salvation is at hand…or voice. According to 360sync, for the release of Mass Effect 3, ten custom Paragon and Renegade Kinect sensors were made and are now up for grabs. If you enter the Xbox LIVE Rewards Rush For Gold Sweepstakes, you could win one or a Special Edition 4 GB Family Xbox 360 Bundle 0r a Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 Bundle or 0ne million Microsoft Points. Any one of those, really.

Yes, I know, the other prizes are worth more, but can you imagine telling James, “Carnage!” using a red Kinect sensor or even a blue one? That’ll take the sting out of the ending.