More Crysis 3 details out

Crysis 3 saw its official announcement earlier this week, and we have a few more details to go along with it.

Gaming mag Play Box (via) has a preview on the Crytek shooter that reveals the company isn’t positioning it to be the last game in the series. Steven Hall is now responsible for writing duties on the game.

Then there’s the game’s sandbox setting, which will include side missions, though these weren’t described in any great detail. Fans of the original game will also be happy to learn that Psycho, the wonderfully British super-soldier and protagonist of Warhead, the original game’s expansion, will return.

The story will show how the Ceph managed to invade the rest of the planet in the gap between the second and third titles. Players will be able to hack turrets and use enemy weapons.

Bits and pieces, then, but intriguing nonetheless. Crysis 3 launches next year.