Sony shows off free Vita apps

Three new apps are heading to Sony’s PS Vita.

The PlayStation Blog recently detailed these new additions to the system, revealing them to be Paint Park, Treasure Park and Wake-Up Club.

Out now is Paint Park, an app that lets you paints and sketch using the system’s touchscreen. Vita’s camera can be used to draw over pictures and there’s even a five-player mulitplayer mode to put artistic skills to the test.

Treasure Park and Wake-Up Club are to be released soon. Treasure Park uses near (the Vita’s location-based app) to get players to search for puzzles from friends, while the Wake-Up club allows you to sync the system’s alarm with other people’s alarms so that you can wake-up at the same time. We’ll admit that last one sounds a little odd.

The good bit is that these apps are all free.  Now, how about some more games for our happy little systems, Sony?