THQ has a Saint in its sales

It’s been doom and gloom reporting about THQ for the last few months as the company has found itself in financial difficulty.

Fortunately there’s some good news to go around this time; the company expects to have as much as three times its initial cash balance predictions come its financial report on May 15, it was revealed in a press release. Said balance is expected to have been $76 million as of March 31, 2012.

Who does the publisher have to thank for this success? All signs point to Volition’s Saints Row: The Third.

The sandbox game has now shipped 4 million units, including high digital sales. It clearly arrived in the nick of time, having released in Q4 2011. UFC Undisputed 3 is also said to have performed slightly better than expected.

THQ clearly intends to put its extra money to good use, as the report read: “The company expects to utilise a substantial portion of its cash and cash equivalents, as well as its credit facility [that it didn’t dip into in financial Q4], as it launches its slate for the 2013 fiscal year, beginning with Darksiders 2.”

Let’s hope things keep looking up for the publisher.