Dirt Showdown gets release date, Codies launches new racing label

Dirt Showdown, Codemasters’ arcade spin on the franchise, now has a date; the racer will be with us on May 25 in the UK. A demo will be released ahead of launch, coming next week on May 1.

Complimenting the launch of the new game is a brand new racing-focused label established at the publisher, named Codemasters Racing. Think EA Sports, but with just driving games. It will handle the company’s biggest franchises like Dirt, F1 and Grid, allowing for more streamlined organisation. One of its first actions witll be to bring new Race Net, a new Codies social service to all of its racing releases starting with Showdown.

This label is likely a good chunk of the reason for Codies’ recent job openings.

A new trailer for Showdown was released as well: