God of War: Ascension is single-player, here next Spring?

Today’s not-so-surprising God of War: Ascension reveal was light on details, but Sony’s official product page for the upcoming PS3-exclusive has shed light on a few interesting tidbits.

First off, the page notes that the title is single-player only, with a total of zero online players. Unless the company is deliberately holding back details this comes as a bit of a surprise given earlier job listings for developer Sony Santa Monica.

Also note the Spring 2013 release window that suggests we’ll see Kratos return around a year from now. At least that’s sooner than the December 2013 release Amazon had previously listed.

Seems like there’s no 3D support either, which might suggest Sony is backing off of support after blockbusters like Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 included it.

The wait for more concrete details goes on, though April 30’s Q&A livestream will hopefully reveal a lot more.