Sony teasing Soul Sacrifice for Vita

Something to pick those Vita sales up, you say? Sony might have just the ticket.

The company has placed a series of adverts in the latest issue of Famitsu for a Vita title by the name of Soul Sacrifice. A teaser site for the game has since been set up, but details are sparse nonetheless. Artwork for the game runs the gauntlet of dark fantasy mythical creatures, and the site’s intro reads “It’s not about cooperation, it’s about fighting shoulder to shoulder” suggesting that co-op plays a big part in the title.

The presence of Soul in the title has led to some speculation that this is the third game in the Demon’s/Dark Souls series. Our money? The artwork and animation remind us Odin Sphere developer Vanillaware’s work. Although that team already has the PlayStation-exclusive Dragon’s Crown in the works.

Sony will officially announce the game at a conference on May 10, suggesting that this is a first party title. An answer to so-far-absent Monster Hunter, perhaps? We’ll find out in a few weeks.