Starbreeze to steal The Heist developer

Starbreeze, the team that recently brought us Syndicate, is looking to buy up Overkill Software, the team that a little less recently brought us Payday: The Heist.

There’s a tiny catch; Starbreeze must first sell the 200 million shares that it will releases on June 15. The acquisition will include all of Overkill’s owned IP along with its proprietary technology. A Stockholm office will also be established through the transaction.

The PSN-exclusive Payday has sold 400,000 copies since release last October, making £1.42m/$2.3m in revenue and £388k/$625k in net profit.

“Starbreeze and Overkill are two unique FPS studios,” said Overkill’s creative director Ulf Andersson in a statement, translated from the Swedish.

“Starbreeze has graphical emphasis, and Overkill has total focus on innovative gameplay. Together we form a unique constellation of creative forces. With two strong technology platforms and extensive experience in major productions, we become an unbeatable team.”

Unbeatable? We didn’t realize gaming was that competitive. Apparently both